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Spotted: Clothes in Motion

Trend-setting clothes are first presented to the world on the runway, not on magazines or mannequins in a store. The movement of these clothes on the body is essential to feel their shape, fit, mood, color, etc. It is the result of seeing the clothes in motion that leads to a trend, which is usually determined by the masterminds of the fashion industry’s crème de la crème present in those shows. They in turn take those clothes and put them in magazines and stores. Pretty much everything you see in stores after that was in one way or another influenced by those runway looks and eventually wind up in the closets of trend-inclined fashionistas everywhere. This movement of clothes is another reason the clothes of films are so influential. The silver screen allows us to connect to the clothes through their movement on screen and through the identifiable characters who wear them.

Brands have always capitalized from having their clothes featured on TV shows and movies, from Givenchy’s little black dress for Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) and Giorgio Armani’s suits for American Gigolo (1980), to Sex and the City and Devil Wears Prada, both costume designed by Patricia Field. But more recently, fashion houses have made their fashion shows available online, with the big guns showing it live during fashion week. Something that used to be completely out of reach has been made possible because they understand there’s a new level of connection made possible through the spectacle of fashion shows and through seeing the clothes in motion for the first time, hot out of the oven.

Nick Knight was definitely aware of this when he created his site Showstudio.com, The Home of Fashion Film. Please PLEASE check out his website, it’s genius. He has found a groundbreaking way to showcase clothes via the medium of film. His video for Alexander McQueen, with Bjork as the soundtrack, is my favorite thus far.


Now even online shopping websites have recognized this. For instance, I received an email (as I do almost every day) from Shopbop.com that caught my attention more than any other email. It’s what they’re calling “Dynamic Fashion, See how they move!” where they provide product videos so you can see select clothes in action.

I’m sure this is something we’ll see more of in the near future. But nothing will ever take away my satisfaction of being influenced by the clothes I see on film.



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Spotted: Aviator Jackets and Lace-up Boots, Fall 2010 RTW Collections

Spotted: Aviator Jackets and Lace-up Boots, Fall 2010 RTW Collections

Inspired by: My Fair Lady, Ralph Lauren

Inspired by: My Fair Lady, Ralph Lauren